Wild Mind

“Readiness is all”


In these urgent and confusing times, we are longing to find our place in the web of life, and recover our wild belonging. To do this, we quest to “whole” our minds and bodies from cultural and ancestral woundings of disconnection and separation from Nature. But we are Nature.

You are invited to an experiential Nature immersion to rewild your psyche and animal body into searing aliveness, wholeness and participation with the more than human world.  Enter the ecology of the Wild Mind where you will recover innate, undomesticated wholeness. Welcome to a new paradigm that is not founded on healing psychological wounds. Instead, you grow beyond your own and socially-imposed limitations using your full human magnificence.

You will be introduced to the Nature-Based Map of the Psyche, offered in the book Wild Mind by Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute, using the Four Ways of Knowing yourself and the world through sensory, emotional-somatic, deep imagination, and heart centered thinking. Immersed in the embrace of nearby coastal California wilds, you will embark on a Wild Mind Quest of psyche and body:

  • Recover facets of your wild wholeness
  • Develop tools to self-heal personal wounds, outgrow your comfort zone
  • Deepen your connection to Self and your love of Nature
  • Cultivate innate resources for the Quest to Soul

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Tao Quest

Tao Quests offers you stage-by-stage developmental tools for profound insight, transformation and ways to revitalize your essence. You will be able to access your deepest nature while finding your way of belonging to the natural world. Transform into an eco-awakened being, one whose identity has broadened and is embedded within Nature.

Day long online courses are now available to re-imagine your world with community.  Nature-based quests take place monthly in Santa Cruz. In addition, guided three-day journeys and week-long quests are designed for those who are looking to dive deeply into their personal transformation with nature. The program’s quests may be taken in any order.

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