The Art of Living Through The Seasons is a unique educational program offered by Glenn Kazmierski, LAc, introduced as a Tea Hike Series open to the public in 2016. The first tea hike was in the Spring and was covered by Good Times. The second event will be held in Fall 2016. Check back for updates as this program develops. For more details and reservations, call (831) 459-6005. Glenn’s acupuncture health clinic is located at 550 water Street, Building K, Unit 2 in Santa Cruz, CA.


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It’s Springtime! Time to Burst Forth!

It’s Springtime! Time to Burst Forth!

Springtime Healthy Food Spring has sprung! If your liver chi hasn't as well it's really unpleasant for you and everyone around you. This is the time of year to do some spring cleaning in your body, particularly your liver. This does NOT mean an intense liver cleanse....

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