“Glenn is a bridger of worlds – his ability to synthesize knowledge and mystery is truly rare and valuable. He radiates a curiosity and care that seem to be contagious, and with his guidance I have comfortably explored parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. Deep healing can be a wondrous process, and with Glenn I have learned a new level of trust.”

Ezra Barth-Rogers

“Glenn’s guidance is skillful and artistic, with thorough assessment and instructions to begin the process, careful choice of prompts and location, and thoughtful questions and suggestions for follow-up action..As a recovering workaholic and family caregiver, I needed to quickly add to my self-care repertoire. The eco-awareness work with Glenn in groups and individually is more play than work, a creative process that has led to meaningful changes in my mind, heart, and actions. Notably, I’ve been increasingly able to accept things as they are after observing and connecting with nature’s dynamics such as: steady strength and equanimity of lichen on limbs and stones; fragility, strength, and beauty of spiders and their webs; complex rhythm and tones of the spring-rain-swollen stream. And I’ve started writing poetry – fun! ”

Barb Goza


“Eco Awakening with Glenn changed my life! Through wandering with intention in nature and deep listening I have learned that every season has many gifts, stories to share and subtle elemental shifts that can enliven the soul. Glenn has a unique way of bringing community together and helping us to remember parts of our latent selves by reflection with Other. I now have a deeper conversation with everything I encounter.

Siobhan Sommerhauser