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Tao Quests offers you stage-by-stage developmental tools for profound insight, transformation and ways to revitalize your essence. You will be able to access your deepest nature while finding your way of belonging to the natural world. Transform into an eco-awakened being, one whose identity has broadened and is embedded within Nature.

Day long online courses are now available to re-imagine your world with community.  Nature-based quests take place monthly in Santa Cruz. In addition, guided three-day journeys and week-long quests are designed for those who are looking to dive deeply into their personal transformation with nature. The program’s quests may be taken in any order.


Reimagine your Self.
Begin the largest conversation you can have with the world.

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Eco-Awakening is a quest into archetypal nature and guidance of the seasons. You will be encouraged to psycho-spiritually wander and apprentice with the signs, symbols and generative metaphors that each season offers. You will learn to see that the seasons have always contained an evolutionary blueprint for an upward spiral of vitality, health and deep personal transformation.

Elemental Alchemy

Elemental Alchemy gives you the theoretical foundation and framework to embody the inner traditions of Chinese medicine. Each season, learn the powerful practices of Qigong and Shen Gong, acupuncture points, and seasonal diet and herbs for healing. Enhance your connection to nature and the five element system within you to generate greater vitality. Through this personal quest you will discover a series of practices for each element that enhance your relationship with nature and your life force energy. 

Wild Mind

In a Wild Mind quest you will learn to navigate the internal landscapes of your psyche and how to access the “four facets of wholeness.” Wild Mind is the foundation and the skill set for you to track and navigate your personal growth. Awaken places within that might have culturally been left in the dark, awaiting activation and healing. Explore the edges of your current state of development and embark upon your quest to wholeness.