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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

—Mary Oliver

Nature-Based Personal Guiding

Welcome to personalized guiding in nature where you will have the opportunity to deepen your quest with a mentor. For countless centuries humans have wandered intentionally in nature to answer life’s most provoking questions. Nature offers a bounty of regenerative symbols, imagery, and metaphors which can unlock unexplored aspects of our personal selves.

Learn ways to facilitate your own deepening and healing through specialized skills that you can apply for your lifetime and impart to others – while working directly with an experienced guide who will track your progress and offer appropriate direction for your authentic growth.  If you are ready to explore how nature can guide your personal psycho-spiritual development and you are asking life’s deeper questions at this time of human evolution, let’s begin.

My role is to facilitate the experience that will lead you to a rewarding and lasting transformation. 

As a certified Wild Mind Guide, practitioner of Chinese medicine, herbalism and Qigong, I will share with you how to gather the medicine and wisdom you need from the land, seasons and the elements.

Skills include how to:

  • Cultivate vitality through life-enhancing practices: diet, herbs, Qigong, and meditations
  • Experience the seasons as guides to your personal growth and evolution
  • Learn to facilitate intimate encounters with the wild
  • Recognize symbols, signs and omens that are natures’ communications with you

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