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Latest Past Events

Wild Mind Journey: Re-wilding the Heart, Writing to Wholeness

Re-imagine our world through a day-long guided writing journey outside in nature! In Wild Mind Training you will learn to navigate the internal landscapes of your nature and how to access the four facets of wholeness. Learn to write from the four windows of knowing: sensing, emotion, deep imagination, heart-centered thinking. Deepen your connection to […]


Hearth and Soul: Autumn Community Ritual

Summer always invites the Fire Element as it's guest. It certainly has come this season to engage with us. Gesturing, displaying and articulating in the ways elemental forces can, sometimes harmoniously and other times with the fierce and uncompromising realities bound within their nature. This next Hearth and Soul Ritual Gathering we will be asking: […]


Hearth and Soul Dance and Deep Imagination Journey


Re-imagine our world through a day-long guided dance journey outside in nature! Join us as we harvest the gifts of our collective humanity through ceremonial dance, celebrating the midsummer festival of Lammas. Awaken your psyche and re-wild your animal body into wholeness through direct participation with nature. Allow your body to harmonize and open to […]


Nature-based questing is not your typical walk in the woods. It is a radical way to dive deeply within your personal ecology and effectively re-imagine your world. Our approach is to cultivate wholeness through the integration of ancient Chinese medicine and modern eco-psychology. Create a world that is founded on your inmost self, your longings for humanity, its evolution and your most profound connection to nature.

We offer day-long journeys and also guide week and year-long quests. These immersions allow you to apprentice with nature and the wisdom embedded in each of the seasons.