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Nourishing a Wild Heart – Summer Solstice

Nourishing a Wild Heart We will engage in heart generating practices from both Chinese medicine and Buddhist traditions. Our awakened hearts will guide us into deep communion with nature, then sharing in a Heart Council. You will be guided to develop practices, projects, and other actions to incorporate your insights from the Wild back into […]

Community Harvest – Lammas

Celebrating the Harvest On this ancient earth holiday, Lammas, we focus on the summer beginning to turn towards the changes of autumn. We will engage in practices, alone and together, to honor the sacred reciprocity of being a Giver, Receiver, and Gift. Together, we will create a ceremony to express our gratitude for the gifts […]

Autumn Weekend – Creating Hearth & Soul

Deeper into Autumn -  Heart & Soul Weekend Come create a soul community for a weekend in wild nature. We will use our deep imagination to explore our personal life questions, then will have ample time and guidance to draw from the wisdom of the natural world.  During evening hearth time, we will enjoy song […]