Elemental Alchemy

“ As without so within”

—Jade Template

The Art of Living in the Seasons

Chinese medicine offers a profound discourse about how to live in accordance with the elements and the seasons. If you are intrigued to experience the Five Elements as archetypal energies and seasonal guides as embedded in ancient Taoist teachings, this is a quest to deeply embody these energies. Learn ancient life-enhancing skills and practices that attune your internal nature to be in balance with the seasons.

The Theory and the Practice of Living in the Seasons

Be ready for deep personal transformation as you explore how Nature presents each element as a guide that leads to enhanced aliveness.

  • Practice Qigong, Shen Gong and vigorous self-encounter through soulcraft skills
  • Apprentice to the ‘spirits of the internal organs’ within their associated season 
  • Learn how to apply the fundamental principles of Five Element theory 
  • Use natural colors, sounds, imagery to enhance your aliveness
  • Discover your personal quest within the cosmology of the seasons

Through harmonizing the Five Elements in ourselves we take the path to wholeness. This is a path that incorporates wild forces, guiding you to become a more generative and alive human being. You begin to see and hear from a deeper orientation, how your internal nature is aligned with the natural cycles of life.  The generativity found in apprenticing with the seasons and thier elements leads towards an upward spiral of health and vitality. This enhanced vitality may be the experience of the Tao, the spirit of nature moving through you. This is a true gift of your capacity that flows out into your community and the world.


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Tao Quest

Tao Quests offers you stage-by-stage developmental tools for profound insight, transformation and ways to revitalize your essence. You will be able to access your deepest nature while finding your way of belonging to the natural world. Transform into an eco-awakened being, one whose identity has broadened and is embedded within Nature.

Day long online courses are now available to re-imagine your world with community.  Nature-based quests take place monthly in Santa Cruz. In addition, guided three-day journeys and week-long quests are designed for those who are looking to dive deeply into their personal transformation with nature. The program’s quests may be taken in any order.

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