Elemental Acupuncture

Elemental Acupuncture

“The only cause of internal disharmony are the emotions” – TCM Principles

The Five Elements connect us to the greater world and our place in it, which is the deepest form of energetic healing according to the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine. Energy released through aligning to one’s truth is profound, releasing tremendous power and energy through self-realization. The work of discovering your elemental nature puts you on this path.

Elemental Acupuncture is focused on nurturing psycho-spiritual growth and development. My approach is a deep inquiry into one’s authentic nature using Five Elements counseling, ecopsychology, nature-based guiding and Qigong to deepen and embody one’s conversation with life and destiny.


“I came to Glenn several years ago in physical pain and at a crossroads in my life. The combination of Eco-Awakening course and Elemental Acupuncture has been transformational. It has allowed me to recover physically from chronic pain and to go deep into a creative space that has changed the subject of my photographic art and has been a huge influence on my entire process.

The two are highly complementary and I recommend the Nature-based Guiding and Elemental Acupuncture to anyone who is looking to heal their body and go deep into their inner self. Glenn’s level of expertise at all levels is unparalleled.”

Kay Bermender