“”If there were a measure of health, it would be the individual’s ability to grow into the fullness of the seasons”

Steven Foster, The Four Shields

You are capable of eco-literacy and are ready to rewild your psyche. Eco-Awakening is designed for those who are ready to move beyond the structured reality of family, friends and work and are feeling the pull to expand their identity to claim their greater place in the natural world.

During the program you learn skills to forge a powerful relationship between self, community and nature, in order to answer some of life’s profound questions:

  • What is my true nature?
  • What is my greatest contribution to the world?
  • How can I find a more generative way of being whole and share my gifts?

You will learn soulcraft skills to deepen a sentient conversation with yourself and nature. As your consciousness expands and shifts, you step into that form of wholeness we call ‘eco-awake’. You begin to establish your evolving and deepening nature within a safe community and experienced guides. By using tools like wandering in nature, mirroring and council, you have the opportunity to grow more consciously. You re-establish and remember the joyful and rightful belonging to this planet.

Eco-Awakening Journeys and Quests 

Daylong Journey

Yearlong Quest 

Personal Guiding