Generate aliveness through
ancient Chinese medicine and eco-psychology


Choose a Quest


Our personal and community well-being depends upon our connection to the natural world. When we expand our sense of self to include other beings and the great earth body, we step into a form of consciousness we call “eco-awakening.”

We offer retreats that help you:

  • Find inspiration and cultivate well-being using nature-connection tools
  • Learn from the four seasons as teachers and trusted guides
  • Gather resources to restore community and help build a better world

Our approach is to cultivate wholeness through the teachings of ancient Chinese medicine and modern eco-psychology.

Personal Guiding

Begin your journey with a guide who’ll assist you in mapping a personalized quest through an online consultation; clarifying your unique vision, aspirations and needs. You will then sent on quests in your local wild places to reflect on how exactly nature is directing and informing your inner landscape/topography.
Nature is where you’ll recover innate, undomesticated wholeness. Your sessions will provide you with the essential ingredients for your transformation:

  • Your personalized quest
  • Skills to generate depth and wholeness
  • Meditations and qigong exercises

Elemental Alchemy

Cultivate your personal transformation by enhancing your vitality. Explore the theory and practices of Chinese medicine’s five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Discover their generative capacities through ancient life-enhancing practices:

  • Online – Learn and apply the fundamental principles of Five Element theory
  • Practice Qigong and Shen Gong —  ancient exercises that promote longevity
  • Gather herbs for health of your organs with each associated season

This path incorporates wild forces, guiding you to generate more aliveness. The Elemental Alchemy quest is currently offered online.

Wild Mind

You’re invited on an experiential journey into deep nature. Awaken your psyche. Rewild your animal body into wholeness through direct participation with the other-than-human world.

Walk in the world more authentically and with a connection to the wild wisdom of nature. You will learn the skills to grow into your magnificence and study ways to offer gifts to your community. You will be guided to:

  • Fully inhabit your senses
  • Express your emotional wisdom
  • Discover your deeper mind’s connection to nature’s guidance

By embodying wholeness, you become empowered to take responsibility for the manifestation of an authentic life.


Reimagine your Self. Begin the largest conversation you can have with the world.

“Glenn is a bridger of worlds – his ability to synthesize knowledge and mystery is truly rare and valuable. He radiates a curiosity and care that seem to be contagious, and with his guidance I have comfortably explored parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. Deep healing can be a wondrous process, and with Glenn I have learned a new level of trust.”

Ezra Barth-Rogers